Wednesday, May 4, 2016

TrueTimber Camouflage Pattern Available for Your Boat Lift Canopy

Boat Lift and Canopy is home to the most unique boat lift canopy fabrics available, and a favorite of ours is the Top Gun/TrueTimber camouflage print. The Conceal Brown canopy cover print is a woodland camo patterned cover made with the highest-quality tear and abrasion-resistant material. The durability of this product comes from the careful construction and unmatched strength of Top Gun. The 100% woven polyester fabric is made to withstand intense weathering and resist mildew and harmful UV rays, making Top Gun acrylic canopy covers some of the longest-lasting covers in the market. We are excited that our exclusive partnership with TrueTimber and Top Gun allows us to offer you the most unique camouflage pattern from a durable fabric.

The Conceal Brown canopy cover features an eye-catching and hyper-realistic camouflage pattern from TrueTimber. This pattern is incredibly detailed and fits in to many different seasons and environments. The high-resolution features in this print provide just the right amount of detail you need, using subtle forest highlights such as leaves, twigs and bark. This camouflage canopy cover is perfect for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen everywhere because the pattern has just the right amount of versatility. This exact pattern is used in a lot of hunting and fishing apparel as well, so it’s made to blend seamlessly with the environment. Popular for hunters and fishermen, this patterned cover is perfect to protect your boat during the rainy spring months, heat-intensive summers and windy autumn nights. Even if you’re just searching for a unique look, you can rest assured that this exciting cover is just as durable and effective as it is realistic. This TrueTimber canopy cover was made to stand out simply by blending in.

Any long time boat owner will tell you that one of the best ways to protect your boat from weather damage is investing in a quality-made boat lift awning. What he or she may not know, however, is that you don’t need to sacrifice concealment for protection. With the combination of Top Gun’s durable canopy fabric and TrueTimber’s superior camouflage pattern, you can enjoy premium safety and style at the same time. The Conceal Brown canopy fabric is the perfect replacement boat lift canopy cover for you. Whether you’re an experienced boat owner, a first-time owner searching for the ultimate protection or just someone looking for something more unique, enjoy safety and security with a boat lift cover you have to see up close. 

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