Friday, June 10, 2016

Universal 24' x 108" Boat Lift Frame & Canopy

Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, is home to Boat Lift & Canopy, makers of the new Lake Time Boat Lift Canopy and Frame System. Boat lift canopies are essential pieces of equipment for boat owners storing their boats outside, because a quality canopy will protect a craft from the damaging effects of sun and harsh weather while allowing the boat to remain safely above the water on its lift.

If you're looking for one of the highest-quality, affordable boat lift covers available, you can't go wrong with this veteran-owned, made-in-the-USA family business started by an ex-parachute rigger/fabricator who learned his trade in an environment where people's lives were on the line. Whether you simply need a replacement cover for your existing boat lift canopy frame or you need the cover and frame complete, you'll find the options available within the Lake Time product line cater precisely to your needs. The frame is 24' long and 108" wide and features 36" long legs that can easily be attached to your existing lift. With built-in vertical and horizontal adjustments, you'll be able to quickly engineer a perfect fit with your lift. As an alternative, the frame can also stand on its own.

The canopy is deep and designed to protect your boat on all four sides, as long as the boat is no longer than 24' and no wider than 104". This is a universal boat lift frame and will accommodate most watercraft falling within the given dimensions. The frame is quickly and easily assembled by just one person, as demonstrated in the YouTube video found on the product website.

While these canopy covers are OEM for Newmans® Boat Lifts, they are also adaptable to many other boat lifts on the market. For boat owners who already have a serviceable frame, getting a replacement canopy is a doable option. The finest materials and manufacturing processes are used for making the canopies, and you have a choice of four different materials:

•    18 oz Vinyl Boat Lift Cover
•    Sunfield Acrylic Fabric
•    Premier Top Gun Fabric
•    Top Gun/TrueTimber Conceal Brown Camouflage
•    EcoFriendly Hemp Canopy

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